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World Hunger Day 2024

At Right2Grow our foundational goal is to ensure that all children under 5 are well nourished so that they're able to reach their full potential. This is why we work across Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, South Sudan and Uganda to amplify local voices to empower mothers, families and communities to prevent under nutrition.

Our Activities in Supporting Mothers and Nutrition

  • we formed a mother-to-mother group in South Sudan for formal and informal community support for new mothers

  • we supported the building of vegetable gardens to be used that mothers can use to give cooking demonstrations in South Sudan and Uganda to increase education on nutrition, sell surplus products at local markets, and start their own kitchen gardens locally

  • we monitor the growth of babies in Bangladesh and Ethiopia whilst educating mothers on nutrition for their families at specialised clinics or workshops

  • we empower local advocacy efforts so women can claim their right to education and healthy food for their families from their local government.

Let's continue empowering local voices and partnerships to break the viscious cylce of undernutrition!

This post is part of a campaign by our consortium partner The Hunger Project Nederland to invest in Thriving Mothers to end undernutrition:

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