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World Children's Day #childrensfullpotential

Happy World Children’s Day!

Today we want to give our platform to the next generation - and you are invited to join us. Let’s hear from children around the world, learn from their lives and be inspired by their dreams for the future. Because every child has the right to reach its full potential.

Join our campaign #childrensfullpotential to empower children and remind governments to prioritize children’s right to good nutrition. How?

For our newest #Right2Grow campaign, we want to show children around the world who answer one of the following questions:

• What is the future you wish for?

• Which foods do you need to reach the future you wish for?

• What does your life look like when you grow up?

• What is your biggest dream?

• What do you need to reach your biggest dream?

We are gathering images, drawings, quotes and stories from children globally that answer the above questions. They can be from communities in the Right2Grow programme countries or they can be your own or even your neighbours‘ children. Any child is invited to participate.

Once you have curated the content, please share it on your channels using the hashtag #childrensfullpotential and tag us @right2grow_org.

*Children should be empowered and protected. Please only share first names and countries, no further personal details. Make sure you have parental consent to share this content.

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