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“What does adaptive management mean in the practice of your work?”

Are you familiar with the term, 'Adaptive management'? Well, Right2Grow has four major fundamental partnership principles;- Joint ownership, shared decisions, making use of each others capacities and transparency. All these principles contribute to shift the power and adaptive management which is about finding out how best we can navigate the changes that we need to make into our program based needs at country level. When asked what adaptive management means to them, here are some of the thoughts from some of the Right2Grow Team;

Stephen Otieno

“Being able to build capacity to navigate in various contexts in which we operate”

Teklebrhan Aregawi

“Context and data-driven implementation”

Teklebrhan Aregawi

“We need to continually assess our socioeconomic, political, institutional, community trends as well as conduct after action review sessions, regular monitoring visits and knowledge management”

Akol Monychol

“Following sequences of change from the previous to the new approaches of improving the outcomes in a well reflected to a desirable change through Educating and visualizing the invisibles.”

Victoria Manya

“Context-based reflections that impact implementation protocols and maximize opportunities to learn from our collective experiences”

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