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Right2Grow in global policy dialogues

Since its onset, Right2Grow has steadily been expanded its presence in global policy and advocacy dialogues. This spring, we hosted events at the World Food Summit and the Global WASH Cluster. Here, we connected to a wide range of people and discussed why the world is currently off track to meet most of the SDG targets related to hunger, food security, nutrition, and access to WASH.

Voice people’s needs

Building from there, Right2Grow’s vision on how we can put the world on track again was outlined. We stand for bottom-up solutions that unite and empower people to voice their needs, claim their rights and contribute to their own part of the solution so that they can improve their livelihoods.

Sustainable change

We believe that these solutions should be locally led and context sensitive in order to bring about sustainable change. To arrive here we need to amplify community voices, promote multi-sectoral approaches by primarily upscaling the WASH-Nutrition nexus, strengthen partnerships between (local) communities and their (local) government.

Local realities at the centre

In the global dialogues we participated in, we illustrated how we can achieve this by letting communities’ voices take the stage. In doing so, local realities were put at the center of finding solutions to get to zero undernutrition and zero people without access to basic WASH. These voices only showed a glimpse of how community-led development can unlock an enormous potential to drive solutions that reflect the needs on the ground and bring together those with crucial knowledge and power to improve livelihoods in the long run.

Upcoming events

In the coming months, Right2Grow will continue to further explore how we can unlock this potential. You are most welcome to join us on 24 August 2021 at the World Water Week for a dynamic and interactive session that will bring together a wide range of stakeholders who will all shed light on how they can contribute to eradicating malnutrition and hunger.

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