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Right2Grow Global Learning Week in Kampala-Uganda: A Platform for Reflection, Collaboration and Innovation

Together to Impact

“We often believe we can’t afford the time it takes to learn, but the opposite is true: none of us can afford not to learn: learning is not a luxury, it is a necessity”

The Right2Grow Linking and Learning team brings to the Right2Grow Consortium, the first-ever Global Learning Week (GLW). This space to discover how simple, effective and rewarding learning can be, is set to take place from November 20th to 24th, 2023, in the heart of Kampala-Uganda. It promises a week of retrospection, reflection, and the exchange of ideas, all aimed at fostering cross-sectoral, cross-thematic, and cross-country learning.

With the collective goal of enhancing program impact and optimization, this week-long event will bring together approximately 80 Right2Grow members representing the six countries of the consortium and the regional and global teams.

This gathering is not just about looking back; it's also about forging the path ahead. During this week, participants will actively contribute to the co-design and validation of recommendations to sustain program outcomes beyond its conclusion. Drawing from insights gained in the Mid-Term Review, the focus will be on refining programmatic outcomes, strategic planning for the upcoming years, and crafting the first version of a Sustainability/Exit strategy.

The Global Learning Week has been meticulously structured around five key learning blocks, ensuring that each day is dedicated to a unique aspect of the Right2Grow program:

Day 1: Mid-Term Review; Participants will delve into the insights gained from the Mid-Term Review, fostering a deeper understanding of the program's performance.

Day 2: Acknowledging Successes; A day to celebrate the achievements and milestones reached within the Right2Grow program.

Day 3: Connecting; Participants will network and interact with each other

Day 4: Bridge4Voices; Participants will deep dive into the program’s unique advocacy approach of Bridge4Voices

Day 5: Challenge Solving; The week will conclude with a focus on addressing challenges and obstacles, brainstorming innovative solutions to propel the program forward.

As we gear up for this transformative week of learning and collaboration, we invite you to stay tuned for more updates on our website and social media platforms. Let us learn, grow, and innovate together!

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