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Right2Grow co-creates the Bridge4Voices approach

The Lobby and Advocacy (L&A) together with the Budget Monitoring and Expenditure Tracking (BMET) team members met in Istanbul to develop a Right2Grow common approach for advocacy, in August 2022.

In fun filled practical sessions, the team took a deep dive into how we can best represent the voices of local communities in line with their needs and priorities. Best practices were identified and connections were built between colleagues.

To take our advocacy to a higher level, the Team identified the need to have a solid understanding and appropriate knowledge of what is happening in the location one intends to work in based on their intelligence, access to authentic reports, but most importantly, information on the communities’ needs for better lobby results. They will also inform communities of policy frameworks that have relevance for them and build the democratic legitimacy and representativeness to speak on their behalf and function as their representatives at the policy table. 

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