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Mali's journalists and bloggers engage with Right2Grow

Journalists and bloggers in Mali grouped into two networks - WASH and nutrition - have committed to further promote the right to WASH and nutrition in win-win partnership with Right2Grow. This commitment was made during a workshop to support the implementation of the action plan for monitoring public investments of the two networks of nutrition and WASH journalists held from 06 to 07 December 2021 in Bamako.

The exchange meeting was attended by 38 people including :

  • The two networks of WASH and nutrition journalists, i.e., 20 journalists, including 8 women and 12 men
  • A representative of the CNT acting as a parliament in Mali during the political transition period
  • The Second Secretary of the Canadian Embassy who also represented the SUN Donors in Mali
  • World Vision and Action Contre la Faim
  • Representatives of all CSO/NGO partners in the implementation of the program

During the workshop, journalists were briefed on

  • The Right2Grow program by World Vision
  • The situation of WASH and nutrition in Mali respectively by the CN CIEPA/civil society focal point SWA in Mali and the SUN CSO focal point in Mali
  • A very rich presentation on updated nutrition statistics and needs analysis by the representative of the Ministry of Health

Afterwards, the journalists shared their action plan drafts with Right2Grow. The ensuing discussions in relation to the Right2Groww program's results helped to improve the said action plans for 2022. In addition, the journalists decided to make field visits to the communities in order to produce press articles that will allow the government of Mali to participate in global accountability frameworks, including the upcoming Nutrition for Growth forum.

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