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Ethiopia has organized a Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) training

more than 250 Community members and most vulnerable groups were effectively mobilized, organized and empowered by Citizen Voice and Action (CVA) tool and another social accountability mechanism in the Right2Grow Ethiopia intervention areas. It is known that CVA is a local level advocacy approach that facilitates constructive dialogues between communities and government in order to improve service delivery that impact the daily lives of children and their families, and most vulnerable populations. By educating and empowering citizens about their rights and entitlements; and then equipping them with the required capacity on how to they demand service standard nutrition and WASH services with holding local duty bears to improve social accountability and enabling them to enhance control over their health lives.

Accordingly, Right2Grow Ethiopia will link local and national advocacy together by using data gathered at community level to develop evidence-based advocacy strategic positions so that we can advocate to influence decision makers for adequate implementation of existing policies/strategies, improve basic social service, advance human rights and promote social justice in policies, systems, structures and practices to ensure child wellbeing all level

henceforth, Constructive dialogues between right-holders and duty-bearers will be ongoing with claiming service standards/entitlements to hold accountable improve service delivery through influencing public policies

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