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Join Right2Grow as E-learning Consultant

You are experienced in developing e-learning platforms and want to use your skills to contribute to Right2Grow?

We are looking for a consultant to develop an E-learning platform and resources library for the Righ2Grow Partnership. Read all details below or download the TOR here. We can't wait to hear from you.


Right2Grow is amplifying marginalized voices to get to zero undernutrition and zero people without access to basic water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services. Right2Grow combines the strength of six international NGOs with the experience and knowledge of over 25 local civil society organizations. Together, Right2Grow is implemented from 2021 to 2025, in six program countries: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mali, South Sudan and Uganda.

To achieve the program objectives, it is critical that partners learn from each other and enhance each other’s capacity. Therefore, mutual capacity development (MCD) and Linking & learning (L&L) are at the heart of the Right2Grow partnership and strategy. In the first year of the project, a capacity & learning assessment was conducted, involving all program partners with the objective to guide the agenda setting for capacity strengthening in the coming years. Besides country specific or global training and coaching capacity strengthening activities, the need for developing an e-learning platform has been expressed. This e-learning platform should contain essential information about Right2Grow and host different e-learning courses relevant to cross-cutting topics covered within the program. The E-Learning platform will both provide essential (introductory/overview) information about the program as well as function as a learning platform throughout the 5-year program.

To navigate anticipated staff turn-over requires a continuous and readily available induction program, so the new program staff can easily get informed and learn at their own pace and according to their own available time. Therefore, the first product the E-Platform will offer is an introductory course to the Righ2Grow partnership. In an easy-to-understand and interactive manner, key features of the Right2Grow program, including its governance, global theory of change, country plans and expected outcomes will be explained.

Besides e-learning courses and essential project information, the platform will be linked to a digital library/resource center containing various knowledge resources developed within the Right2Grow program. (Such as Tools, researchers, best practices,) These resources will be available for internal and external use.

To strengthen capacities, stimulate learning and use of available resources Right2Grow is looking for (a) consult(s) to set-up a user friendly, easily accessible E-Learning Platform and Resource Center integrated in the current digital environment of Right2Grow and that is on Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint.


The following deliverables are foreseen for this assignment :

- Develop a proposal for the e-learning platform and knowledge library/resource center: The environment should be easy to use, accessible online in low bandwidth settings, through both desktop and mobile and offline. The platform should be easy to edit for updates and integration of new content by Right2Grow team members and integrated in the existing digital environment of Right2Grow on Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint. The knowledge library/ resource center should be able to integrate and sort existing and new materials and tools, videos and/or e-learning courses of partner organizations.

- Build the e-learning platform and knowledge library/resource center environment: Ones the proposal is approved by the Right2Grow MCD and L&L teams, the consultant(s) will develop the proposed e-learning and resource center environment.

- Develop an “Introduction to Right2Grow” e-learning course. The e-learning course should include the following content:

- Mission, vision and objectives explaining how the Right2Grow program contributes to getting to zero undernutrition and zero people without access to basic water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services explained through the Global Theory of Change and proposed interventions (Reference documents: Full proposal narrative and Global program brief)

  • Modules of each of the thematic axes, including Lobby and Advocacy, Communication, Mutual capacity Development, Linking & Learning, Monitoring & Evaluation, Finance, including their interlinkages and a brief presentation of easily editable global plans and activities.
  • Governance structure, including brief presentation of key global and local partner colleagues and how they are situated in the global organogram, clearly explaining roles and responsibilities of different teams.
  • Brief overview of Country specific contexts, including country partners, country program objectives, key activities and desired long-term changes, building on available country briefs and 2022 program country briefs.
  • Right2Grow vision on adaptive management, community engagement, power relations and shifting the power.
  • Introduction for way of working and communications, including the use of SharePoint, available meetings tools such as zoom, brief presentation of Right2Grow social media channels e.g. Facebook page, Twitter account, website.

Other criteria for the development of the course and platform include:

  • Content should be available in both English and French,

  • Content should be straight to the point, simple, fun, interactive accommodating different learning styles and easily understandable by people with different backgrounds (I.e. avoid technical language and acronyms)

  • Participants in the course should be able to assess their knowledge of the Right2Grow program during the course in a fun and interactive way that creates incentives to continue learning. Assessment results should also inform the Global Mutual Capacity Development and Linking & Learning team about possible areas for further capacity strengthening and learning.

  • As the Right2Grow partnership will evolve and adapt over time, course content should be easily editable by Right2grow teams. Modules should be independent one from another to be able to edit them separately

  • A first version of the platform and introduction course Is piloted and finalized by the consultant based on the first experiences and feedback.

Following the initial assignment, Right2Grow partnership envisioned to develop two additional e-learning courses that can be integrated in 2022, that could be separately contracted in 2022.

Roles & responsibilities:

The consultant takes lead for each of the deliverables and provides technical and didactic advice. The Right2Grow partnership provides guidance, reviews and approves each deliverable and provides access to relevant resources to inform content development.


Dec 2021 / Jan 2022: Develop a proposal for an e-learning and knowledge library/ resources center environment for the Right2Grow partnership

Jan 2022 / Feb 2022: Build the e-learning and resource center environment

Feb 2022/ March 2022: Develop and pilot the Introduction to Right2Grow e-learning course with the above mentioned elements; Explore opportunities and collaboration for additional e-learning courses

Submitting a proposal

Interested candidates are invited to submit an expression of interest including a proposal with envisioned process, budget and time allocation before 7th December to Co-lead of the global Right2Grow Mutual capacity development team. Intended starting date is in January 2022. Applications will be assessed by team members from the R2G L&L and MCD teams.

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