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Including WASH in Mali's constitution

Our local partner CN-CIEPA pleads with the Minister of Refoundation to include WASH in the constitution in Mali

As part of Right2Grow in Mali, the National Coalition of the International Water and Sanitation Campaign (CN CIEPA) supports regional NGOs in WASH monitoring and advocacy at local and national levels while monitoring the country's commitments to the SWA initiative.

The CN-CIEPA met with the Minister of Refoundation, who is in charge of relations with institutions, on Wednesday 26 January 2022 to present him with an advocacy note. The general objective of the meeting was to contribute to the recognition of water and sanitation as a constitutional right in Mali. A 22-page note was shared with the Minister to advocate for the recognition of water and sanitation in the Malian constitution.

The constitution of 25 February 1992 in Mali does not take into account access to water and sanitation, and it is in this context that the President of CN CIEPA states that "It is good that education is in the constitution, it is good that health is in the constitution, but it is even better that access to water and sanitation is in the constitution because they have a dimension of health, education, development and food." Thus, this note will help advocate for WASH in the revision of the constitution.

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