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Adopt an SDG

On Thursday, February 17, Building Change organized the #AdoptanSDG event. During two discussions, Members of Parliament and civil society debated on various issues under the overarching theme of climate change.

Members of Parliament Alexander Hammelburg (D66) and Jan Klink (VVD) took part in the panel to discuss the effects of climate change on developing countries in terms of food security. The importance of international co-operation in ensuring that the money available reaches people in the most vulnerable positions, including girls and women, was endorsed by the panel members.

Due to a critical question from Laurien de Vos (Max Foundation) on how we can get more attention for girls and women, Hammelburg also involved Dutch state-owned enterprises such as Invest International. With each investment, they must ask themselves what impact it has on the climate, the local environment and the vulnerable groups. In addition, Klink emphasized the importance of using the resources we have as well as possible, that we also look at the revision of our food system for climate adaptation. In conjunction with not wanting to move water continuously, innovation came to the fore to farm as efficiently as possible to achieve food security for vulnerable groups.

*Image and content from Building Change*
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