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Because every child has the right to reach its full potential

By strengthening civil society, we believe that local communities can get to zero under- nutrition and zero people without access to basic WASH.

The challenges

Silo efforts to tackle undernutrition

Undernutrition is too often addressed in silos, while underlying causes of poor nutritional status are complex and interdependent. Access to water, sanitation and hygiene, food, agricultural practices, gender norms and household dynamics all determine undernutrition. But solutions hardly ever tackle all causes.

Lack of participation and accountability

There is often no information available on the costing, expenditure, access, and quality of government services. In decision-making, communities are often side-lined, with voices of marginalised community members (such as women) hardly heard. No-one is held accountable for insufficient progress.

Nutrition and WASH as basic human rights

Civil society organizations often focus on service provision rather than capacitating communities to articulate their needs and advocating for their rights. Communities therefore remain unaware of their rights to nutrition and WASH related services.

Lack of collaboration across levels

In lobby and advocacy the knowledge and evidence of local realities is lacking. This results in financial commitments and policies that don't meet the needs of the most vulnerable. They are disconnected from international dialogues.

This is our solution

Strengthening local voices

Getting to zero undernutrition and zero people without access to basic WASH services requires a people-centred and community-led approach, with stronger emphasis on the most vulnerable and difficult to reach. Right2Grow believes that sustainable progress can only be achieved by working with local communities, especially women and other marginalised groups.

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Together with the communities we work with, we know how to get to zero undernutrition & zero people without access to WASH. So let’s do that

Evelijne Bruning, director of The Hunger Project Nederland

R2G's focus on both nutrition & WASH offers a promising basis for strengthening local CSOs that advocate for their rights on these issues

Carola van Rijnsoever, Director of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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